Drip irrigation is a type of micro-irrigation that is designed to conserve soil nutrients and to minimize or prevent waste. Most drip irrigation systems use a design that directs water directly to the plant roots. 

Saving Water

The design of drip irrigation systems is such that they minimize water waste, and they prevent evaporation. Drip irrigation systems can potentially use 30-to-50% less water than conventional watering systems. 

Extends Time that Plants Get Water 

Drip irrigation systems are better at getting water into the depths of the ground – and directly to plant roots. Because the water goes into the ground so slowly, there is no runoff. And that slows the process of soil erosion. 

Prevents Weeds from Taking Water and Soil Nutrients From Plants

Since drip irrigation systems direct water to plant roots, weeds will have a hard time depriving the plants of soil nutrients and water. That means you’ll have fewer weeds. 

Proper Way to Prevent Plant Diseases

Excess moisture encourages the development of fungal diseases, other diseases, and insect and pest problems. Drip irrigation systems leave plant leaves dry, so it’s harder for these diseases to develop and spread. 

Easily Adaptable 

Our drip irrigation systems are designed for easy adjustments or modifications to fit the needs of your plants and where they are in your yard.

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